Cold weather poses more health risk

The biggest concern with falling temperatures here in the Tri-Cities is your health.

County officials say it's actually common in this weather to get dehydrated when doing outdoor activities.

When shoveling sidewalks, you could risk back and muscle strains, as well as heart problems if you have a condition

Officials say layering is the most important thing before heading out and that if your hands or feet go numb, stop what you’re doing immediately and get inside, otherwise, you could need serious medical help.

"Be very cautious it could happen in an instant that you put yourself at risk if you aren't prepared. Cover up those body parts that are exposed so that they can get warm," Benton-Franklin Health District official Heather Hill said.

Hill also wanted to remind the community to pack your car with winter clothes just in case you need to get out to seek roadside assistance, to shovel your car out of the snow, or stay there for extended periods of time without heat.

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