Fitness Friday with Chad Martin


     As many that have been to my site know that I am a firm believer in mixing workouts up, and doing them at low cost.  Since the wise invention of the furniture sliders, many people have taken to creating fun at home workouts.  The sliders are very affordable for a 4-pack around twelve dollars, and even if you can’t do that a slick towel or pair of socks will work also.  The idea is simple.  Find a slippery surface in your house, wood or laminate flooring is great, and mimic many basic exercises with the sliders.  Also, get creative and make your own, and have fun.  If not below are a few suggestions.


Lunges-(side, forward, rear)-start in standing position then slide one foot (out in front, to the side, or to the rear of you) while bending the other leg into a 45 degree angle.

Hamstring curl- while lying on the ground with both in flat to the floor; try to lift your glutes with only your hamstrings in a curl movement.


Pushups-Using a shoulder width grip slowly slide hands outwards while bending your arms.  As you push up try to slide hands together, then repeat.

Flyes-same as push-ups except try not to bend your elbows.

Single/Double arm pullover-Keeping both hands together, stretch them out as far as you can past your head.  If too difficult, then start on your knees.

Semi-circle-start by sliding your hands above your head then around back to your upper abs in a semi-circular motion.


Mountain climbers-place feet in sliders then plant hands on floor.  Drive your knees alternately, such as running.

Planks/Pike-place feet in sliders and keep them together with knees locked.  Plant elbows to the floor.  Try to raise your glutes as high as you can.

Double leg knee lifts-place feet in sliders and while keeping your feet together and hands to the floor, drive both knee up to your chest then back to stretched out position.

…For more information and tips, check my website, & @PROCHADMARTIN.        

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