Local health center to offer eating disorder treatment

KENNEWICK, Wash. (KVEW-TV) -- A local wellness center is set to become the only provider of eating disorder treatment in a hundred miles.

The Recovery and Wellness Center of Eastern Washington in Kennewick will launch a new program on Monday, according to clinician and mental health therapist Madora Sadler.

She said therapy would include individual and group sessions for those affected.

According to Sadler, a 2011 study showed 4.1-percent of the general population would be impacted by an eating disorder diagnosis at some point in life.

Sadler added, every 62 minutes, someone dies from the struggle.

"That's obviously a really significant number," Sadler said. "At Recovery and Wellness, we are dedicated to getting that number smaller and smaller."

National Eating Disorder Awareness Week wraps up Friday, but the new service in Kennewick will kick off beginning Monday, March 6.

"We try to make the process as comfortable as possible, so anyone can call in and ask questions and get more information," Sadler said.

Initial consultations are free, and the center says it welcomes anyone who needs help.

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