Music therapy combats winter weather blues

With all of the cold weather many have been cooped up inside for the last couple weeks.

Wednesday afternoon, Fieldstone Director of Life Enrichment, Julie Hooley shared a unique way to lift other’s spirits.

Even though there is no cure for Dementia, Hooley says music therapy makes a huge difference for patients like Marian Brandt who has dementia.

"Music is very easy for them to remember," Hooley said.

According to Hooley musical rhythm helps work the brains of Dementia and Alzheimer patients differently even refreshing communication skills.

"They can verbalize better for those who don't necessarily have the verbal skills like they used to," Hooley continued.

However, most importantly a great deal of emotional healing takes place, especially for Dementia patient Marian Brandt.

"It just makes you feel good, it lifts up your spirit," said Fieldstone resident patient Marian Brandt.

Still, Brandt doesn't have a problem staying positive.

“I feel happy most of the time anyway," Brandt continued.

She says therapy like this can help beat the winter blues.

"There's no use in being sad all day," Bandt added.

Ringing in the holidays in a positive atmosphere, when the weather outside seems frightful.

"Holiday music can help the people who are kind of down with the cold weather and melancholy around the holiday," Hooley said.

Hooley always does her best to fill every room with extra flats and sharps and her patients always show relevant signs that her therapy is working by singing out loud.

Hooley has specialized in music therapy for 5 years and says it works for anyone who needs uplifting.

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