Stand up paddle boarding for beginners

Are you interested in trying stand up paddle boarding, but don't know where to begin? Check out these tips for beginner SUP boarders and learn the most common mistakes you should avoid.

1. Make sure you're facing the right way

You'd be surprised how common this mistake is. Many beginners don't know which end of the board is the front. So before you hop on, check where the fins are located and make sure they are in the back.

2. Check the direction of your paddle

Just like with orienting yourself on the board correctly, it's hard for first time stand up paddle boarders to know how to hold the paddle. You will want to hold the paddle so the blade slopes away from you.

3. Paddle with your core muscles

A lot of people assume that you primarily use the muscles in your arm to paddle. This sounds logical, but the key to becoming a pro-SUP boarder is using core strength to propel your board forward. Stand up tall on your board and use that core!

4. Be mindful of your surroundings

It doesn't matter if you're in the ocean, a river, or a lake, there will most likely be other water users around you. Stay out of the way and leave plenty of room so that you can practice standing, falling and paddling.

5. Pay attention to the wind

When you're standing on your SUP board, you are literally a sail in the wind. Use this to your advantage, but also remember that if you're caught in a heavy wind change it is best to lay down on your board with the paddle tucked under you.

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