1-82 crash leaves local woman thankful for her life

I-82 is finally opened Wednesday after being closed for nearly 24 hours, has a local woman now recovering after a crash that nearly took her life.

"But I'm alive," said 1-82 passenger Yvette Fitzjarrald

A moment Pasco resident Yvette Fitzjarrald will never forget.

"It's truly a miracle," said Fitzjarrald.

Blowing snow on 1-82 near Coffin Road, Fitzjarrald only seeing white.

“We clipped two semis, and then kind of came to a stop, then the next thing that I know a semi basically just t-boned us," Fitzjarrald continued.

A trip to see her daughter, almost costing her life Fitzjarrald now in disbelief, telling a story she didn't expect to live through.

"I just couldn't believe it when I saw semis flying around us," Fitzjarrald said.

Fitzjarrald's new Ford F-150 now destroyed, the semi slammed into the passenger door where she was sitting leaving a dent one foot deep.

"I thought we were going to die," Fitzjarrald added.

Almost 24 hours later traffic was still backed up nearly 15 miles into Kennewick before I-82 reopened.

The crash leaving behind a huge impact both physically and financially for Fitzjarrald's family.

"That was a big hit we have a small farm and farm animals and we need our truck to you know to hall things around," Fitzjarrald said.

A hit she worries may be challenging to recover from.

"That kept me awake a lot last night just wondering you know what are we going to do," Fitzjarrald continued.

Still, the aftermath lingering.

"I'm sore from head to toe and it's going to take a while to get over that, the doctor was really amazed too,” Fitzjarrald said.

Firmly leaving its mark on Fitzjarrald.

It will probably stay with me," Fitzjarrald concluded.

In more ways than one.

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