12 Spirits: Vodka, Gin and Whiskey Made By Seahwaks Fans For Seahawks Fans

We are 30 days away from the 2014 NFL regular season kickoff and this year Seahawks fans can combine their love of football with a drink.  

The brand is called 12 Spirits.

The company makes vodka, whiskey and gin.

It is made entirely by the 12th man for the 12th man.

From start to finish all three spirits come entirely from the state of Washington.

All of the alcohol starts with the wheat, which is grown just down the road in Pasco.

Then the distillers spend days getting the spirit to that specific 12th man taste.

Blue Flame Spirits owner Brian Morton said some of the 12 Spirits will have a surprising taste but coulnd't tell me exactly how.

"The whiskey which will be releasing soon is going to be very unique, it's pretty top-secret," said Morton.

Once the flavors are finished, the alcohol is botteled by hand.

First they have to be cleaned. Not with water but with gin, vodka or whiskey.

Then once they are dry, in goes the alcohol.

Then the liquid is measured to make sure the right amount is in the bottle, the cork is added, the label goes on one side at a time, and then everything is sealed up.

Morton said it is important to do each of these steps by hand.

"We watch the controlled part of it from the very beginning to the end, just like when we make the spirit from the grain all the way to the glass this is one more way of making sure it's perfect," he siad.

You will be able to find 12 Spirits at Albertsons, Trader Joes and Total Wine.

Mid-Columbia Wine and Spirits already has a few bottles on the shelves.

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