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In less than 24 hours, the Seattle Seahawks will take the field for their divisional round playoff game against the New Orleans Saints.

If you're not at CenturyLink field or near a TV set, don't be surprised if, at least locally, the world appears to have stopped turning.

"The streets are going to be deserted tomorrow at about 1:30, because everyone's either at the game or going to be watching the game in the Pacific Northwest," said Kevin Vitulli.

"We're going to take it all, we're going to win the Buper Bowl," said Jason Lombera, "I said it right here, number one team."

The Seahawks are coming off a first round bye as the number one seed.

It'll be the second meeting between the two this season, the Seahawks trounced the Saints 34-7 last month.

Fans are preparing theirselves in any way possible, mostly by running team shops dry.

Retailers say fans have been blitzing stores for the past few days, grabbing any merchandise they can, leaving employees scrambling to keep the shelves stocked.

"Sor example, if we put a Russell Wilson beanie out, we can just put it out for like a minute and someone's already grabbing it off the shelf," said Just Sports employee Giselle Anguiano.

"I'm just looking at more merchandise, the more, the better," said Walter Wilson, "I support the team, go Seahawks."

I asked one fan what makes this year's fan rush so much bigger than last year, he says fans are finally convinced this is the team to win it all.

"Now everybody is committed, I think everybody's all in," said Lombera, "We're ready."

Kickoff is set for 1:30 pm tomorrow.

The last time the Seahawks and Saints met in the playoffs was in 2010, the Seahawks upset the defending Super Bowl Champion Saints 41-36 in that game.

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