The 12th Woman

A 69-year-old Pasco woman said she may very well be the Seattle Seahawks #1 fan in the Tri-Cities.

She has all the memorobilia to prove it and has been to a countless number of games, including the NFC Championship Game this past weekend.

"This year I never missed one game," said Beverly Finney.

Finney has one room in her home entirely dedicated to Hawks memorabilia.

She has Seahawks carpeting, blankets, jerseys, and, even a Seahawks inspired Christmas tree.

She said she's been a fan since the teams start in 1976 and has been to almost all of the games with season tickets ten years in a row.

"There's nothing like it. The fans are amazing," said Finney. "You've heard they're loud, they're really loud. I think I'm getting deaf because of them."

Finney said of all the games shes been to, Sunday's game seemed to be the loudest in those last few seconds.

But, before the game saving play when Richard Sherman tipped the ball into Malcolm Smith's hands, Finney said everyone was silent.

"That's the quietest I ever heard that stadium. After he threw that ball and it went into that end zone everyone was holding their breath, it was scary," said Finney. "Then when Sherman tipped it and that other guy got it, it was just bedlam."

Finney was decked out in Hawks gear at the game and said she's there good luck charm and that's why they're headed to the Super Bowl.

"That's why they won. I was there screaming louder than anybody else," said Finney. "They're going and they're going to win."

Finney said she loves watching the games, but a bigger part of why she loves the team so much is it's dedication to the community and to children.

She said all the players are good people and while she's sad she will not be at the Super Bowl, she's rooting for the team and each player individually. 

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