17 year old sent to hospital after police say he got in the way of his father's arrest


 It was a night of chaos, that started with a rhythmic knock on his front door at his apartment on the 1100 block of North Buchanan Street in Kennewick. "As soon as I stepped that foot in the house a large officer grabbed me from this side and another from this side," said Michael Tremont.

17-year-old Michael Tremont says he was arrested by Kennewick Police on suspicion of obstructing an arrest."He snatched me down and I literally just slammed on the floor," said Tremont.

On the night of December 23rd police came to arrest his step father Kenyon Brooks. "I had my hands behind my back, I know I’m big but I have a broken arm there’s nothing I could do, I can't defend myself in anyway shape or form." said Tremont. Then after police detained his step father Tremont says authorities unnecessarily used force on him.

 According to the Tri-City Herald, Sgt. Ken Lattin of the Kennewick Police Department said Tremont's step father tried to escape through a bathroom window.

Our investigation of the family's home revealed that window doesn't exist. Kenyan Brooks says he fully cooperated with police. "I'm yelling I'm coming out just stop beating my son. Then in my doorway I laid down flat put my hands out so they could get me," said Brooks.

The Herald reported Wednesday that a crowd chanted racial and obscene insults at police as the step father and son were taken away. But residents who want to remain unnamed say in this neighborhood they aren't given a fair chance.

"I  feel like on many occasions they treat all individuals that aren't involved with anything as suspects, well because they can and they have the badge."

Kennewick Police say some tense situations justify the use of force. "We need to be able to do that without being interrupted and obstructed from carrying out our duties," said Officer Corey McGee. McGee added when people make a scene by shouting and demanding answers in the heat of an arrest it can cause more problems.

 Tremont who admits he raised his voice to police, was ultimately sent to the hospital after the incident. He believes communication from police could have saved him a concussion and a trip to juvenile hall.

 "While he's trying to get this arm the other officer is telling me not to move this arm so I don't know, I'm getting all three different orders and I don't know what to do and all of them were just hitting me and telling me I was just resisting arrest."

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