2014 Primary Election Results

We begin with the biggest race in the area, the 4th Congressional District race to replace the retiring Doc Hastings, who has been in office for 20 years.

Out of a full dozen candidates on the ballot, Clint Didier (30.4%) and Dan Newhouse (26.6%) advance to the general election in November.

Four candidates were on the ballot for the 5th Congressional District, which includes Walla Walla.  Cathy McMorris Rodgers, the incumbent, is searching for a sixth term.  There were four on the ballot in this race and McMorris Rodgers (51.7%) opponent will be Joe Pakootas (28.9%) in November.

The proposed Benton County Public Safety Tax has passed for now (Yes – 53.4%, No-46.4%) – it only takes a simple majority for this to pass.  If approved and if passed, Benton County would receive an additional 32 police officers, a mental health court, continued funding for the metro drug task force and more.  Anyone shopping in the county would pay three cents on a $10 purchase.

In the county races, Brian Winter (49.4%) and Jim Keightley (22.1%) will advance in November in the race for Yakima County Sheriff to replace the retiring Ken Irwin.  In the race for Yakima County Auditor, Charles Ross (40.4%) and Micah Cawley (34.7%) will advance to November.

In the race for Franklin County Sheriff, incumbent Richard Lathim (47.9%) is being challenged by Pasco Police Captain Jim Raymond (52.1%).  The two will advance to November.

In the race for Walla Walla Sheriff, incumbent John Turner was facing two challengers who work for him.  Turner (45.4%) will face Tom Cooper (29.6%) for the position in November.  And in the race for Walla Walla Coroner, incumbent Richard Greenwood (57.8%) will face the former coroner Frank Brown (27.2%) for the position in November.

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