2015 busiest year for Richland Fire Department

2015 was the busiest year to date for the Richland Fire Department.

They went on over 6,300 calls which is up more than 9 percent from 2014.

Battalion Chief James Hempstead said fires were not even the cause for most of the calls they went on.

"The majority of that call volume historically has come from the medical demands of the community," said Hempstead. "That can be from nonemergency to emergency environments where people need us just for a transport to the hospital or they have a critical incident where they actually need us to do some kind of pre-emergency room care and then transported to the emergency room."

Hempstead said as the general population in the Tri-Cities continues to grow the amount of calls firefighters take will only continue to increase.

He said they increase by at least 8 percent each year.

Hempstead also said new Richland Fire Station 74 will help with this demand, but that they will continue to monitor calls and pay attention to where they come from and modify borders in response areas if necessary to continue to serve the community in the best way possible.

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