25th Annual Hoopfest This Weekend In Spokane

The 25th annual Hoopfest, the largest three on three basketball tournament in the world, is happening this weekend in Spokane.

Member of a local team playing in the tournament, Trevor white is no stranger to Hoopfest.

He played in the first ever Hoopfest tournament, and with the exception of a few years in his mid 30s, he has played in every Hoopfest since it started.

White said 25 years ago there were only about 50 teams in the tournament.

Now about 7,000 teams are registered.

White has been playing with his same team, a local group of guys, for about 15 years now.

This year White's 8 and 11 year old daughters are playing in the tournament.

When he was younger it use to be all about the competition but now he said it's all about watching his kids play.  

Hoopfest organizers put teams in brackets based on their skill level.

White said the brackets are usually matched up well but no matter which one you are in they are all competitive.

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