5-year-old's Parents Not Happy With The School That Lost Their Son

A 5-year-old that was reported missing at school in Richland this morning is now safe at home with his parents

Police, friends and family spent hours searching for Antonio Aguilar. He was found in the wrong classroom at Sacajawea Elementary school and his parents aren't happy that the school lost their son.

Just over an hour after walking his son into school and talking with his teacher, Antonio Aguilar got a call that his son hadn't made it to class.

Aguilar said he ran on foot to the school to search for his son.

"I searched the school six times, I searched the cafeteria, bathroom, gym, library, computer room, everything and nothing," he said.

He then started going door to door in the neighborhood in search of Antonio while his wife Maribel started going to all the places their son loves.

Three hours after getting that initial call, at about noon, Aguilar got another call from police saying his son has been found at the school.

School staff told him after breakfast his son was escorted by a fifth grader to the wrong classroom and put under the wrong name.

Aguilar is relieved his son is safe but aggravated that it took the school so long to realize he was sitting in the wrong classroom.  

" Whatever they did it wasn't protocol," Aguilar said. "When something happens and a child is missing you pull all the kids and you call my name and you figure out where is the extra kid is, you don't switch the names and say oh here's your son were sorry."

He hopes the school changes the way they handle anything like this in the future because those were the worst three hours of his life.

"I hope they take their attendance like they're supposed to so no other parent has to go through what we went through because it was hard, we sat down and cried a few times but we had to get back up and brush it off," said Aguilar.

Richland School District spokesperon Steve Aagaard said the district will be looking into how this was handled.

"We can look at our protocols and procedures to see what took place this morning to make sure we don't have a student escorted to the wrong room," said Aagaard.

Tomorrow Aguilar isn't taking any chances.

"We are going to look for a new school because I don't trust that school anymore they had their opportunity and I'm not goning to give them a second chance with my son," said Aguilar. 

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