66th Annual Benton Franklin Fair & Rodeo Preps

The 66th Annual Benton Franklin Fair & Rodeo kicks off tomorrow morning and it's been a busy day on the fairgrounds as everyone is preparing for the big event.

Local kids will be auctioning off their pigs and they don't come cheap.

"$928.16," said Tysen White, 12, is what he sold last year's pig for. "I put it in my bank account because that's what i'm going to buy my first car with."

This year, he's hoping his pig, Porky, will really bring in the bacon.

There will be plenty of other animals too like turkeys and chickens.

All those delicious, "Don't tell me the caloric intake," food stands are also being set up with cotton candy, hot dogs and funnel cake.

Another pretty cool exhibit is the ag building where live bees will be set up and you can even get fresh honey extracted from honey combs right in front of you.

People of all ages enter produce they've grown to win 1st place in best tomatoes or pumpkins.

"What people love the most is bringing their kids in here that have entered and seeing the excitement on their faces and the encouragement that we give them for future entries," said Kendra Myers, superintendent of the AG building.

Let's not forget the rides, they're all being set up as we speak and the kids can't wait.

"I'm really excited," said

"I am so excited, I'm like jumping excited," said Avery McCulloch-Hutton, who has entered her chickens to be auctioned off in the fair.

In addition to the fair will be the rodeo.

Tomorrow night at 7 p.m. will be the Wrangler Champions Challenge.

Wednesday night through Saturday night at 7 p.m. will be the Horse Heaven Round Up.

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