Winter weather aftermath creates hazardous road conditions in Yakima

Yakima residents are finally getting a break from the snow, but the aftermath of snow and ice brings potholes

Drivers are now getting a first look at the damage they will face on the roads once the winter is gone.

"Most days when there hasn't been much snow or ice on the road that's been warm and dry enough we get in there and get some of those potholes patched," said Joe Rosenlund, streets and traffic operations manager.  

One of the most damaged roads in the city of Yakima can't be treated until the end of the winter.

66th and Englewood avenues facing severe damage.

The city now banning commercial trucks from this area and any other connector road.

"We tried to fix it once already this winter and it wasn't able to hold up so it's best just to keep that heavy traffic off until we can get in there and do a much better job of fixing it," said Rosenlund.

City officials said that the ban will most likely remain until the asphalt plants reopen in the spring and that drivers should be on the lookout for potholes to avoid any tire damage.

“Once the ground dries out we can go in there and dig out the bad soil," added Rosenlund.

For now it's best to report potholes as soon as you can.

"On some of the major ones we are already formulating our plan, a lot of the smaller ones the plan is basically to get out there and get them patched," said Rosenlund.

If you do see a pothole you can report it by calling the city of Yakima or by visiting the Yak-Bak website.

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