Agriculture Jobs Grow in 2013

The Yakima County area sees a slight turn in unemployment numbers -- and a big increase in a certain job area.

Overall, the county saw unemployment decrease from 8.1%, to about 7% between 2012 and 2013.

However, the county saw a 15% increase in agriculture jobs in the same time frame -- that's over 3,000 jobs, 95% of it coming from farms and orchards.

Workers say expanding farms and new technology being introduced requires more hands in the field.

"You can't do everything yourself," said Baron Farms worker Marty Davis, "Being a farmer, we put in tons of hours out here, but sometimes you really just have to start bringing some other people on to be able to expand in the opportunities you want."

In January of 2013, total agricultural employment was estimated at just below 20,000, as of this past January, almost 23,000 people are employed in agriculture.

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