Alleged Pasco Home Invasion Turns Deadly

An alleged home invasion in Pasco early this morning turns deadly when one of the homeowners shoots and kill the suspected criminal.

Around 2:30 a.m. a woman who lives in the home called 911 to report that a man was trying to break into her home on Savary drive in Pasco.

The Pasco Police said the husband and wife who live in the home were woken up by pounding on their front door.

The homeowner grabbed his gun and instructed his wife to call 911.

Police said a confrontation took place in the home and  28 year old Stephan Sergio Aceves, the alleged intruder was shot dead.

Neighbor Barbara Brower-Jones said she talked to the homeowner right after the incident.

Brower-Jones said her neighbor told her that after getting his gun he looked out the window near the front door. He saw Aceves and showed him his weapon.

According to Brower-Jones, Aceves continued pounding on the front door and when the homeowner opened it aceves lunged towards him.

That's when the homeowner is said to have fired multiple rounds killing Aceves.

Police said they found Aceves' body in the front yard and right now it appears that the attempted break-in was random.

Pasco Police said the homeowner was questioned by investigators but no arrests were made.

The police are forwarding the case to the Franklin County Prosecutors Office.

Neighbor Brower-Jones said  the homeowners have three young kids who were home sleeping at the time.

She said the wife and kids are staying with relatives while the homeowner and his brothers clean up the house.

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