Altercation Leads to Arrest

Saturday family argument leads to altercation and arrest Saturday evening.

On May 10, 2014 during the evening hours, David King got into a verbal argument with his mother, Christine Carroll, and threw a sandwich at her face.  Ted Carroll intervened but David threatened to kill Ted and attempted to strangulate him.  Ted got David out of the residence, but went to a window and broke it by throwing his arm threw it, causing lacerations to his arm and significant blood loss.  David and Ted struggled as David attempted to get back into the residence.  Ted then went outside and continued to fight with David, hitting him at least one time with a baseball bat.  David again got on top of Ted and started strangulating Ted causing a momentary disruption to his breathing.  A neighbor came to the residence and assisted in restraining David until police and medics arrived.  David was taken to Trio and once cleared, was transported to BCSO Jail and booked on an investigative hold for assault in the second degree and felony harassment.

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