Amber Alert Update

An 8-year-old Walla Walla girl who triggered an amber alert last night is found safe.

Jasmine Sphuler was found with her mother just a couple of blocks away from home in a vehicle.

Jasmine is now with a family member and her mother Lizabeth Sphuler is receiving medical attention.

Authorities were concerned Jasmine may have been in danger.

They say the child called a family friend yesterday saying Lizabeth had cut her wrists.

When officers arrived at the home both the mother and daughter were gone.

Officers found blood in the house.

Her mother was apparently distraught over a breakup.

The home where they were found is a new house that they were moving into.

Lizabeth was checked by medics at the scene and taken to Providence St. Mary Medical Center for treatment.

Authorities are still investigating, it is too early to know whether Lizabeth will face any charges.

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