American Ninja Warrior Contestent Gives Inspirational Talk To High Schoolers

River View high school wanted to make sure to kick the school year off on a good note.

Administration invited an American Ninja Warrior contestent, Hoan Do to talk to the students.

Do competed in this season of American Ninja Warrior.

In order to try out for the show do had to make a three minute audition tape.

He said he knew he couldn't jump off of buildings or do the tricks most people do in their tapes, so he sold his story of being an inspirational speaker.

Do's main message to students is about choosing to succeed and he uses his experince on American Ninja Warrior as an example.

"Leading up to it I tore ligaments in my ankle and I couldn't walk five days up to it," Do said. "One big thing I learned and share a student is you can't focus on what you can't control and for me I know that everything happens for reason, I could focus on healing my ankle."

Do said he plans on competing in American Ninja Warrior again next year, but that won't stop him from traveling around the United States and talking to students. 

He is originally from Federal Way, Washington.

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