Antelope Found Poached In South Kennewick

A decapatated antelope found in South Kennewick is causing an outrage over poaching on social media.

Land owners found the poached animal and immediately posted to facebook asking for help finding the culprit.    

The land owners didn't want to speak on camera but on facebook say they have been watching the antelope for a few yaers now and are saddened that someone would do something like this.

This is the antelope before it was poached.

Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife officer Chad McGary said these antelope were part of a release from a reservation in Yakima two years ago.

About a dozen antelope from that release have made their way to south Kennewick.

He said the one poached was the only buck of the group.

There is no open hunting season for antelope in the state of Washington so whomever did this could face up to a year in jail, a thousand dollar fine and loose hunting privileges for two years.

McGary is frustrated to see an animal taken like this.      

"It's a little bit upsetting there's not too many of them, and they are a beautiful animal we don't like to see them poached," McGary said. "Especially cutting the head off and leaving the meat there, that meat is rotten now and so was just wasted and that's another penalty as well."

McGary said antelope are not common in Washington State and a collector could pay thousands for a head.

The antelope was shot on land right off of i-82.

Right now the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife doesn't have any leads on who may have done this.

They are asking for anyone with information to please call the Washington State Patrol.

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