Anti-Bullying Week

It's the start of an anti-bullying week at Marcus Whitman Elementary School in Richland.

Dozens of students from all grades took time out of their lunch break to sign a pledge to "Boot Out Bullying."

This morning, school began with an announcement over the intercome, 5th grade students read a couple of ways to recognize bullying.

They said it happens when someone keeps hurting, threatening or leaving someoneout on purpose.

Students signed a poster to promise not to be a bully and to stand up for those being bullied.

"I think it helps the kids being bullied, they can always go to somebody and get help and feel free and safe," said Madison Keas, a 5th grader. 

"I think it helps because I was bullied and I didn't know what to do at all," said Carly Frazier, a 5th grader.

Anti-bullying activites will continue throughout the week.

This is all part of the schools 2nd Steps and Steps to Respect Program, something it hopes will serve as a reminder to students to be better to one another.

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