Are You Ready For The Pools To Open?

According to a new survey by the American Red Cross, 80% of Americans said they can swim, but only 56% can perform critical water safety skills that could save their lives.

Just because you spent the majority of your time at the pool last summer, that doesn't necessarily mean you're ready for the pool this summer.

"The kids that were strong swimmers last summer they think that they can just jump in and start swimming right away and that's not the case because they haven't swam all year," siad Columbia Basin Racquet Club lifeguard supervisor Kari Woelber

Woelber said the best thing to do is take some swimming lessons.

She says if you don't it is easy to feel uncomfortable in the water and if that's the case a simple situation can escalate quickly.

"It's those ones that the tense up really tight and get real panicky and they don't know I think you just relax that of you just relax and roll to your back if you roll to your back it's really easy or just bobbing up-and-down and water to safety," siad Woelber.

Monica Riggs said putting her kids in swim lessons and  making sure they know basic water safety is a crucial piece of her summer puzzle.

"Just knowing that they can go with other family and know what the doing always swim to the wall for safety.," said Riggs.

Swimming doesn't have an age limit and Woelber siad she has seen an increasing number of adults interested in taking lessons.

She said a lot of them never had a chance to take lessons when they were younger and want to be able to swim with their kids or grandkids on family vacations.


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