Armed Robbery Last Night at Columbia Center Mall

From the Kennewick PD-

Location of Incident- 1321 N CCB T-Mobile

Time- February 24th, 2032 hours

Summary of Incident-  Employee, Eric Pinal, reported seeing a male leave the store with a demo iPad Air.  The male had compromised the security cable and fled the store.  Eric followed and ordered the male to stop when the male was exiting the mall.  According to Eric, the male turned around with a black pistol in his hand causing Eric to back off.  Eric said the male then ran out of the mall and using a key fob remote to unlock the doors to a 90's maroon Chevy Suburban with silver molding running the length of the body at the bottom.  The male then drove the vehicle toward Costco on Quinault Street.  The male is described as a white male in his late twenties to early thirties.  The suspect was last seen wearing a black baseball hat and black sweatpants and a black zip up jacket with a white t-shirt underneath, both the pants and the jacket have a red stripe on them.  Further investigation to continue.

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