Arson Suspect Makes Court Appearance

A man suspected of setting a Yakima woman on fire yesterday morning makes his first court appearance.

Stuart Bachman is charged with assault, arson and harassment charges after police say he attacked Elva Grant during a domestic dispute, poured a liquid on her, and set her on fire.

Court documents state grant suffered burns to about 10 percent of her body.

Bachman was arrested a few hours after fleeing from the scene.

Grant's relatives say Bachman's charges aren't enough to keep him in prison long enough, if convicted, they want Bachman to be charged with more serious crimes.

"I'm pretty sure if he does get out, [Grant] Won't have that life back," said Grant's cousin, Abel Marichalar, "I don't think anybody deserves anything, no matter what happened behind those closed doors, I don't think any human being deserves what happened to her. She shouldn't be worried about the rest of her life, she's still very young, she's only 55, and she shouldn't worry about anything from here on end."

Grant's relatives also say her dog was killed in the dispute -- Bachman's bail is set at half a million dollars.

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