Artist meets with Latino community to create mural

Renown artist Andrew Reid is chosen to take on a big piece of art, with a lot of reponsibility: Telling the story of our Latino community.

"I will go home to Miami and I'll plaster my studio with all the words that I find and terms and quotes and phrases and then the imagery comes from that," said Reid.

He met with Latino families this week to show them his first draft and listen to their experiences in the wine industry, and their history in Washington agriculture.

But after meeting many, he knows it is more than history.

"I feel like I'm also representing the the actual families themselves so I think a lot of it has to do with how the family units work," said Reid.

"I think there might be a stigma about what the Latinos are and stuff but when you really look at what they did and how they supported agriculture and wine you know after all it's grapes," said Port of Kennewick President Skip Novakovich.
"I think it showing respect for them I think it's showing appreciation for them I think it's something that's been missing."

The wine village is expected to be ready in September, with Reid's interpretation of two generations of Latinos taking up an 84 foot long space.

"When I take my grandchildren to see that where they can see how we contributed to our community I think that it's going to give them a better sense of belonging they're going to be able to take pride in the fact that they helped build this community," said Latino Coalition member Ruvine Jimenez

The artist will be in Pasco at Tierra Vida on December 10. He wants to hear as many stories as possible before he leaves. There is a questionnaire in both English and Spanish.

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