The Attorney General's Opinion on Local Moratoriums

Today the Attorney General is giving his opinion on local moratoriums following a request from the State Liquor Board, which will regulate the legal pot business.

He says that the way Initiative 502 was written allows local governments to regulate pot businesses within their jurisdiction.

Or more simply, he thinks local cities or counties should be free to set bans or moratoriums as they see fit.

Evelyn Lusignan the spokesperson for the city of Kennewick said the AG's opinion leaving cities the option to place bans on recreational marijuana sales is very welcome.

She said the city still needs time to figure out what is best for the community.

Timothy Adams, the co owner of Hippies, a pipe shop, said he didn't vote to legalize recreational marijuana but he understands how frustrating these moratoriums are to people who have applied for legalized marijuana licenses.

"Any of the moratoriums that they have on the city of Kennewick are really kind of unfair. It really is more like racketeering or price fixing when you allow one pipe store or one store downtown and that's all," said Adams.

The Attorney General did say that the only way to prevent moratoriums is for the legislature to change the legal pot law eliminating them. A proposal to do that was introduced Tuesday in Olympia.

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