Auto Body Shop Donates Car To Women In Need

Atomic Auto Body and a local advocacy group make one woman's dreams come true today in the form of a 2002 Subaru.

The shop bought, fixed up and donated this car to Radona Devereaux, a client of the Support Advocacy and Resource Center.

Brandon Lenz the general manager of Atomic Auto Body said he wanted to come up with a  project that his shop could do together that would benefit a member of the community.

Vendors donated money and materials to fix up the car and in four months it was ready for Radona.

Until now Radona and her three kids have been relying on the bus schedule to get them to where they need to be.

She said this car provides her the freedom to be a better mom.

On top of the typical traveling that having three kids requires Radona also has to make frequent trips to Oregon for court hearings related to the abuse her children have suffered.

Radona does have the means to pay for gas and car insurance so the gift will not be a financial burden.

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