Back to the Beginning

The National Teacher of the Year takes a visit to his beginnings this morning in Ellensburg.

Zillah High School science teacher Jeff Charbonneau spoke to faculty members and science administrators at Central Washington University.

Charbonneau says he is visiting Central today to share the experiences he's had all over the country and overseas in education.

Charbonneau was named the national teacher of the year last year and has served as an ambassador since then.

He says he hopes to bring all of what he's learned and implement it into the state of Washington's education system.

"Some of the specific things I'd like to see happening here is really just ramping up our efforts," said Charbonneau, "Honestly, when I go to other places in the United States, everybody keeps asking me, 'What are you in Washington? Washington's doing all these amazing things for teachers and for educators, how can we replicate that?' It really validates our efforts and just tells me we really need to double down."

Charbonneau says he is scheduled to tour the world through may, and will be returning to his classroom in zillah this fall.

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