Back to Boston

Gail Farmer makes a few laps around the student rec center track.

At 60 years old, she feels as young as ever -- she'll need to be in order to take part in one of the biggest runs of her life, the Boston Marathon.

"There's high emotional intensity for just about everybody; runners, participants and observers," said Farmer.

Farmer ran the Boston Marathon back in 2011, but now wants to do it for a cause -- to help raise money for scholarships.

She wants to raise $5,000 to provide two student athletes with leadership training through the university's "Step-Up!" program.

Farmer also says after missing out on the run last year and having to watch the attack, she needed to go back and show her support for those in her sport.

"There was a huge, huge, response from the running community all over the United States and also here," said Farmer, "It was 'let's go back to Boston next year just as a sign of support.'"

Farmer says she hopes to complete the race in under four hours, if she completes it, it will be her 14th marathon completed, 12 since 2008.

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