Background of Williams Northwest Pipeline

Williams Company is the energy company that owns the Northwest Pipeline. That pipeline stretches 3,900 miles across Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming, Utah and Colorado. The Washington Utilities and Transpiration Commission has been regulating the Plymouth plant since 2001. A spokesperson said the facility received clean marks on its latest inspection.

Williams Company spokesperson Micheley Swaner said today the company worked on making sure the permiter of the plant was secure and they will work their way towards the leak from there.

Williams also owns a pipleine on Sauvie Island, on the border of Oregon and Washington. There have been three leaks at that pipeline in the past few months and an evacuation in January.

It's still too early to determine the cause of the explosion in Plymouth, but the leaks at Sauvie Island were caused by problems with the regulator valve.

Experts said liquid natural gas is not as dangerous as many people think.

In a liquid state the natural gas can't ignite, the biggest concern would be if any gas remains trapped.

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