Balloon Launch to Remember Kate & Ethan

Hundreds of balloons are flying over the Tri-Cities today in honor of two children who were shot to death in a Kennewick home earlier this week.

Friends and members of the community gathered at Lawrence Scott Park in Kennewick for a balloon launch to remember Kaitlin and Ethan Austin.

"She gave me something to believe in and hearing that her life and her brother's life were taken tore my heart out," said Brandon Granberry, friend and classmate of Kate.

Andrew Austin came home to find his children shot to death Monday evening in his home in west Kennewick.

Investigators are still trying to figure out what happened.

Kate played on the softball team at Kamiakin High School and her teammates and other students came together and wrote messages on the balloons to send off with good wishes.

"It helped us say goodbye," said Tori Eckhardt, friend of Kate.

"It just sent a message to her, it was like closure and a really strong prayer," said Katie Dyke, a close friend of Kate.

The prayer was led by a local youth pastor and most people we spoke with said not only did today help them say goodbye, it also helped preserve the memory of a dear friend. 

"She was a really sweet girl, always had a smile on her face and positive energy no matter what happened," said Madeline Donley, friend of Kate.

"She's a legacy to us and she's always going to live on as a Brave and in our hearts," said Granberry.

The Benton County Coroner's Office is still currently conducting the autopsies on both Kate and Ethan.

A news conference is scheduled for tomorrow, which is when we should know more about what happened in that home.

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