BBB warns of March Madness ticket scams

March Madness games begin in Dayton, Ohio on March 14. The NCAA tournament brings fans out to games across country. The Better Business Bureau said for scammers, this is the perfect time to steal your money.

Matt Cronrath of the Tri-Cities was tricked by scammers during the first week of March Madness last year. He was sold tickets to a game in Spokane over Craigslist. When he got to the game, the tickets didn't scan. He was told the seller reported his tickets as lost, and sold him the dead tickets.

Cronrath said he learned a $500 lesson.

"You feel dumb, how could I have fixed this? You just want to get out of there because you're that guy in line where it blinked red and didn't blink green like everyone else," said Cronrath.

The BBB recommends using secure, legal websites like the NCAA website, Stub Hub and Vivid Seats. Buyers can also research a seller at

The BBB also warns people to read their travel packages. Just because a travel package has "NCAA Tournament," does not mean it includes tickets.


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