The Bearded Yearbook Photo

A West Richland 11-year-old is getting a lot of national attention.

David Yearsley is the kid with a beard in his fifth-grade yearbook photo.

Well not an actual beard, he just casually wore his favorite crocheted "beard hat" for picture day. 

David's yearbook picture has gone viral after someone posted it on the online forum Reddit.

His mom Sonja said she had no idea he was planning on wearing the hat, it was all his idea.

She said she's not surprised David pulled off something like this, that's the kind of kid he is.

David told his mom he took his yearbook picture with the hat but she assumed the photographer had taken two and forgot about the picture.

Sonja said she almost fell over laughing when she saw the picture in the front office of Tapteal elementary a few weeks later.

The ladies in the front office have it hanging on the wall to give them a little laugh if they are having a bad day.

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