Benton Co. Practitioner's License Suspended for Allegedly Touching Patients Inappropriately

The Washington State Department of Health announces disciplinary action against a Benton County respiratory care practitioner.

In February 2014 the Respiratory Care Practitioner Program entered an agreement with respiratory care practitioner Robert Robinson that suspends his credential for at least two years.

According to the Washington State Department of Health, Robinson had a sexual relationship with a patient’s daughter. He also inappropriately touched and caressed the breasts of another patient during home visits he wasn’t authorized to make. During one home visit, he rubbed the back of the patient’s neck and pulled her hair, causing her to fear for her life. While treating a patient with pneumonia at a hospital where he worked, Robinson pulled the patient’s hair, asked if she liked it, and offered to come to her home after her discharge. His conduct made her uncomfortable and she reported it to the hospital’s human resources department.

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