Benton County Public Safety Sales Tax

We are now less than one week away from when your ballots are due for the Washington Primary Election and one major initiative Benton County folks will be voting on is the public safety sales tax.

Chief Ken Hohenberg of the Kennewick Police Department said law enforcement is struggling to keep up with a growing population and a lack of resources.

If passed, Benton County would receive an additional 32 police officers, a mental health court, continued funding for the metro drug task force and more.

Hohenberg said those additional resources will improve response times and allow additional time for crime prevention efforts.

He added, everyone who comes through Benton County will help pay this tax.

"Everybody that visits here and shops here will help support our criminal justice system as well," said Hohenberg. "We pay that when we shop across the river in Franklin County. We're already paying 3 pennies on a $10 purchase over there. Walla Walla County has a criminal sakes tax and Yakima County also does."

If passed, a person shopping in the county would pay three cents on a $10 purchase.

Ballots are due August 5th.

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