Benton PUD Linemen Take Responsibility for Firefighter Shocked

Benton PUD releases its accident/injury report on the firefighter who sustained an electrical-related injury while working a fire near Game Farm Rd. in February.

The company said it's linemen take full responsibility for not properly following safety procedures when securing the location of a downed power line.

The linemen gave Benton County Fire District #1 firefighters the green light to put out a small fire in a woodpile caused by the downed powerline and that's when firefighter Ty Shoenwald was shocked.

Benton PUD explains the men did not get out of their truck when looking at the east pole, that's where they thought the conductor was completely severed.

They then went to the west pole and cut the conductor.

They did not see the part of the energized conductor on the back of the east pole that lead into the wood pile.

The linemen are still working for the company but did receive some disciplinary action.

Benton PUD and the fire department are working together to ensure future safety.

As far as Schoenwald, he is doing very well.

He is still not back to work because of a burn on his hand but he will be participating in the annual Firefighter Stair Climb for charity in Seattle this weekend.

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