Birth Defect Public Meeting in Kennewick

The Washington State Health Department is holding a community forum tonight at the Benton Franklin Health District Building in Kennewick to answer questions about a fatal birth defect that has been happening throughout our area.

Nearly two dozen attended to ask about a birth defect called anencephaly.

Which occurs when neural tubes fail to close at the base of a baby's skull.

There have been more than two dozen cases since 2010 in Tri-Cities and Yakima, a rate higher than the national average.

Unfortunately there isn't much future mothers can do.

Health experts are stumped and don't know what exactly causes neural tube birth defects, the investigation is still in it's early stages, however, genetic counselors say there shouldn't be cause for alarm, because it is arare disease.

Health investigators are still looking for a cause and a way to prevent the defect.

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