Brad Peck Announces Candidacy

Another candidate, Franklin County Commissioner Brad Peck announces he will run for the 4th Congressional seat to be vacated by Rep. Doc Hastings at the end of this year.

Peck, a Republican, has served as county commissioner for more than five years.  

He said he's been wanting to run for Congress for a while now, waiting for the right time to do so.

Some major issues Peck wishes to focus on is veterans affairs, local energy sources including hydropower and the agricultural business.

Peck also wants to focus on the Hanford Reach, he wants to make sure the government pays attention to Hanford cleanup.

"The government made the mess, the government needs to fix it, they need to clean it up," said Peck. "I think we need to bring more government effort and funding into Hanford to get this cleaned up."

Peck also wants to focus on immigation laws, he said too many people in Washington state going through the process to become citizens are waiting 10 to 15 years and he said that's too long.

Peck said he'll be able to handle his duties as commissioner along with campaigning, he'll says he'll just be a much busier guy.

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