Broadcaster Bob Schieffer Visits Yakima

Legendary broadcaster Bob Schieffer makes a stop in Yakima this morning to speak to hundreds as part of the local town hall series.

The longtime CBS news broadcaster and current host of Face the Nation shared stories about the beginning of his career, including covering the JFK assassination.

Schieffer also shared words of wisdom with local media -- he says the integration of social media has impacted journalism ten-fold, however, it should not take away from the founding principles.

"The purpose of journalism is not to scratch the surface, it's to go beneath the surface and find out what's really happening," said Schieffer, "I think when we do that, we do a lot better than trying to make this effort to be the first tweet out of the box, or whatever that is."

Schieffer was the last speaker in this season's town hall speaker series.

The next series will begin in October.

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