Business Remains Steady For Marijuana Shops Since Opening Day

It has been about a month since recreational marijuana stores in Washington opened their doors.

Altitude in Prosser no longer has a line around the building like they did on opening day, but spokesperson Manell Valenzuela said business has remained steady.

Altitude stiill has limited business hours but Valuenzela said they are the only marijuana shop in Washington, that he knows of, that has had enough product to keep their doors open every day since opening.

He credits that to the relationships owners built with processors before the store opened.

"We specifically have 2 to 3 processors that are very solid that we have good relationships with that have helped us sustain being open everyday since July 8th," said Valenzuela.

Station 420 in Union Gap is having a harder time keeping enough product on its shelves.

They are only able to keep their doors open for a few hours each day and limit customers in how much they can buy.

Altitude also had a limit in place but now they are letting customers buy up to one gram. Which is the legal max amount.

The store maintains about 7 different strains that vary day to day.

They also have choices of packaged amounts, joints, and cones.

"People are kind of getting one of each so it's a good thing whether there a tenured smoker or a new smoker," Valenzuela said. "We've found that they kind of want to get the dab of everything so they been buying an assortment so to speak."

Cannabis coach Josue Alvarado explains the products to customers and helps them pick a good fit.

 He enjoys teaching first time users about marijuana and then seeing them or someone they have refereed back in the store.

"I find it rewarding because it's fun to me I've been a recreational user myself for a while so it's not even a job for me," said Alvarado.

Valenzuela said Altitude will exapnd its product line in early August to include edibles.

He hinted about some lollipops and animal crackers possibly being some of the products available.

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