Cable Bridge Turns Teal For September

You're not seeing things if the cable bridge looks like it has a bluish tint to it.

Tonight through the month of September the bridge will be lit teal to raise awareness about ovarian cancer.

This is the second year ovarian cancer together, a local support and advocacy group has raised enough money to light up the bridge.

Kay Kerbyson the founder of ovarian cancer together said this year the bridge is lit in memory of one of their founding member who lost her battle to ovarian cancer in May.

She said this statement is so important because four out of five women diagnosed will die from the disease.

"It is so amazing the cable bridges so iconic to the Tri-Cities anyways and to see it let up in teal and to I know that we're actually making a difference and getting the word out about ovarian cancer, I think it's the biggest thing that we could do here," said Kerbyson.

She said the symptoms are pretty benign,  bloating, pevlic pain, back ache, and changes in your urinary or digestive system.

When these persist for two or three weeks is when you need to see a doctor and catching it early is key.

Other ovarian support groups saw the bridge and liked the idea so now Portland will also be lighting their bridge teal during the month of September.

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