Candidate Signs Creating An Eyesore For Some

As we approach the August Primary, you may have seen an increasing amount of signs posted around our area.

People in Yakima say they've seen candidate signs cluttering major intersections and walkways over the past few weeks.

Some signs can be found on 16th Avenue and Lincoln, 40th Avenue and Washington, and in front of city hall.

Most of those signs are posted by one of the 12 candidates for the 4th Congressional District Seat.

People say they have no problem with a sign here and there, but the number of signs posted is a little over excessive.

"I see 30-35 signs at an intersection, and they have four different names on them; they're printed over and over and over," said Lauren Scully, "There's 15 signs with the same name on them, why at one intersection?"

As a reminder, the primary will be held on August 5th, a week from tomorrow -- ballots will be due that same day.

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