Caregivers Rally For Better Wages

Caregivers in Washington are rallying for $15 an hour wages.

They stopped at John Dam Plaza in Richland as part  of their statewide bus tour.

Their message is if Seattle can pass a $15 minimum wage then the state of Washington can pass a $15 wage for caregivers.

According to SEIU healthcare most Washington State caregivers make around $10.50 an hour, and one third of them are living in poverty.

Caregiver Nelly Prito said she sometimes has to cancel her clients appointments because they don't have enough money to pay for the gas to get there.

She said making $15 an hour would allow caregivers to do more for their clients and themselves.

"It would really help me pay my mortgage, put my daughter through education, and we don't get any vacation pay or overtime pay. There's just so much stuff we don't get that I think we deserve and just making $15 an hour would give me a really good way of staying at my job that I love and enjoy," said Prito.

Prito said the wage increase would also encourage others to become caregivers.

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