Carousel of Dreams

We are still a few weeks away from the highly anticipated opening of the Carousel of Dreams.

It's almost completely ready to ride and today is the first time we're seeing the carousel in full action.

Concrete has been laid down surrounding the carousel and plaques came in that will be laid on the floor surrounding the carousel; families purchased them anywhere from $200 to $1,000.    

One by one each of the 45 horses is being adopted by local families.

Horses on the outside cost $35,000 to adopt, $25,000 for a middle horse and $15,000 for one on the inside.

"It went from a thought and a dream, to a nightmare, to reality, to something phenomenal," said Ken Johanning, the founder of this entire project. "I know we have one of the best carousels in the country because I've seen a lot of them and I think people will just be shocked when they see it."

The banquet room is also coming together with carpet being put down today.

People have already booked events at the Carousel of Dreams, including some Christmas parties and a couple of weddings over the next few months.

The two world renowned artists that restored the horses will be here Saturday to do some final touch ups and they will be teaching a class to a few a local talented artists that will then take over the responsibility of touch ups whenever they are needed.

The ride is two and half minutes long and it cost $2.

A soft opening for the event is expected to take place in about two or three weeks.   

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