CBC plants more trees, recognized as a "Tree Campus USA" for the seventh year in a row

CBC plants more trees, recognized as...

Columbia Basin College is famous for their trees. On Wednesday, the campus became even greener.

Students and staff had their annual Arbor Day celebration where they planted fourteen more trees on the campus in Pasco. The event is required to maintain the school's status as a Tree Campus USA.

CBC was the first community college in Washington state to receive this award from the National Arbor Day Foundation. The school has been a designated Tree Campus USA since 2009.

To achieve this award the community college is also required to have a campus tree-care plan, dedicate annual funding to their campus tree program, have a student service-learning project and have a tree advisory committee.

The Arbor Day celebration is part of a plan to beautify the campus.

"I'm going to be part of this campus forever. Like after I die those trees are probably still going to be there and I'm part of the community that actually built that," said student activities board member Ahmed Zaher.

"If I am ever lucky enough to have grandkids, they'll be able to come see that."

Zaher is part of the sustainability committee.

"I get to do stuff like this where I go help plant trees and we are planning to have a community garden," said Zaher.

He said this event is important to many student and staff who are passionate about the environment. The sustainability committee will continue to come up with ways to make the campus more green.

"We got hundreds of people on campus to sign a pledge saying they're not going to use plastic water bottles and be more environmentally conscious," said Zaher.


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