A Change of Command

Dozens of friends and colleagues gather at the Yakima Training Center this morning to witness a changing of the guard.

For the past two years, Lt. Col. Darrell O'Steen has served as the training center commander, and as part of the Army's tradition, he must turn that responsibility over to someone new.

That someone being Lt. Col. Jason Evers -- Evers is no stranger to the Northwest, having attended high school in Olympia and college at Gonzaga and the University of Washington.

Evers says he plans on continuing O'Steen's legacy at the training center, while combating budget cuts to the military branch.

"The Army is going through a pretty strong downsizing trend right now," said Evers, "So we've got some challenges to look forward to here in the near term regarding continuing to be able to meet our mission while also meeting the Army's objective of reducing costs and things like that."

The main focus of the training center will remain the same, a post for soldiers to sharpen their skills in fields ranging from live fire training, to tech and engineering.

Lt. Col. Evers will serve two years before relinquishing his position to another soldier.

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