Chase Ends in Fatal Officer Involved Shooting

Investigators comb the hop fields near Toppenish this morning.

Just before 8 a.m., officers received a domestic violence call from a home near Wapato.

"[a] Tribal police officer who was on a routine call was involved in a pursuit and a subsequent confrontation," said FBI spokesperson Frank Harrill.

Deputies say 42 year old Ira Arquette led police on a chase after jumping into his car and driving off from the scene they were called to.

Deputies say the man fired a gun at officers as he attempted to lose them.

Deputies say the suspect got out of his car on near a hop field on South Wapato Road and continued to shoot at police -- that's when one of the tribal officers returned fire, striking the suspect and killing him.

No one else was hurt during the incident.

Police remained at the scene all afternoon, the case has been handed to the FBI, who is working in conjunction with tribal police.

"We have statuatory responsibility for the investigation of major crimes on and in indian country," said Harrill, "This would certainly qualify as a significant incident."

Tribal police will have to determine whether or not the officer who pulled the trigger will be placed on leave while the investigation continues.

FBI representatives say they are unsure if Arquette was under the influence, that will be determined by a toxicology test.

The officers name is currently being withheld pending further investigation.

The Yakima County Coroner says an autopsy is scheduled for Monday morning.

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