Chesterley Park

The Yak Attack 5v5 soccer tournament drew between 8,000-10,000 people to the Chesterley Park fields a couple of weekends ago---the conditions however, were a little lacking---the fields of grass.. or dirt.. don't bode well for soccer players.

"I had two fields that were ugly, really ugly, and that's what everyones heard about," said Mark Fischer.

Yakima Youth Soccer Association's Mark Fischer explains his frustration that some of the playing surfaces were not up to soccer pitch standards. A dry spring, heavy use, and an unusually high number of four irrigation line breaks this year has caused this unique surface built on volcanic ash to become malnourished and dry.

"There's quite a bit of it here, we've heard in spots theres two feet of ash and that has difficulty growing grass sometimes there's not a lot of nutrients in it," said Ken Wilkinson of Yakima Parks and Recreation

Fischer believes for the soccer community, this was something the city couldn't control happening, but says a place like this could face issues without water.

"Turf fields, like this, when you shut down the water for a day or two they have problems," explained Fischer

The decision on what to do about shutting down the fields was discussed today by parks and recreation but no decision is expected to be made immediately.

Wilkinson says the park will not completely shut down, if at all, "We may not close any fields, we may just try to really throw the water to it as much as we possibly can, continue to green it up."

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